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  • Keith Shaffer

Benefits to installing a new landscape when selling your home


Landscapes can make or break a home. A yard that's been neglected and lacks curb appeal won't attract as many buyers, and even if someone does fall in love with your property, their first impression will leave them unimpressed. This is why it's important to ensure that your landscaping is always looking its best before you put your home on the market. Just one visit from a potential buyer could be all it takes to lose out on an offer—and that's not even considering the impact of bad reviews on sales! But what should you do? Should you hire contractors? Do it yourself? No matter which option appeals most to you, there are plenty of ways to improve your property's curb appeal while staying within budget.

Improve curb appeal.

A well-designed landscape can add curb appeal to your home. A welcoming entrance is one of the first things buyers see when they arrive at your property, so you want it to be as attractive as possible.

If you have a large front yard, consider using part of it for a garden or other vegetation that adds beauty without taking up too much space. A small lawn can be maintained with minimal effort and expense; however, if you're not interested in maintaining an extensive lawn yourself (or hiring someone else), consider replacing it with paving stones or pavers instead--this will make it easier on yourself while still giving potential buyers something nice to look at when they approach your house from outside!

Attract more buyers.

One of the key benefits to installing a new landscape is that you'll attract more buyers to your home.

The more people who see your property, the better chance you have of selling it. A well-maintained landscape adds curb appeal and makes it easier for potential buyers to picture themselves living there.

Increase property value.

Landscaping can add value to your home by increasing its curb appeal and aesthetic value, as well as improving the overall functionality and enjoyment of the property. In fact, studies show that landscape installation can increase property values by up to 15 percent!

Improve your home's resale value.

A new landscape can improve your home's resale value.

When you're selling your home, it's important to ensure that potential buyers see it as an attractive investment. A well-maintained landscape helps create the impression that you take pride in what you own and are committed to maintaining its value. This gives potential buyers confidence in their decision to purchase your home, which increases its resale value when they decide to sell their own property down the road or move somewhere else entirely (and thus need another place).


A new landscape can improve the curb appeal of your home, attract more buyers and increase its value. In addition, it can create a unique selling point that makes your property stand out from others on the market. When selling your home, it's important to consider all aspects of its appearance and make sure they're in good condition before putting it up for sale. Reach out to Clean Slate Tree and Landscape today to discuss how installing a new landscape can increase the value of your home before you sell!

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